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Closed from 20 November until April 2020.
July 2020 – Bavarian Special-Day

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Welcome to the plateau of Reggelberg ...

... to the “Leger” which is situated near the sanctuary of Pietralba.

Since June 2018 Erich and Petra Untermarzoner are delighted to be able to manage the Leger (“Alpine Hut”).

Their fundamental principles are the responsibility for the environment and for people.

Where everything revolves around respect, mutual consideration and a lot of joy, “hopefully our guests will be pleasantly surprised on how we present our philosophy of life”.

Return to “the origins” is our motto. Our dishes as well as our drinks are prepared with love and dedication using whenever possible our own products. Many things of the past can be found in our everyday life, such as the use of spices and other herbs (also excellent speck).

The amazing views of the Pietralba sanctuary and the Venostan Alps in the background plus the Corno Bianco offer a breathtaking sight.

Those who stop by and enjoy our food and drinks will enjoy pleasant and relaxing moments, and will for sure return for another visit.

Familie Untermarzoner

PS: In Italian Morning TV we and our surroundings were worth a contribution! Click here to see it!

About us – Petersberger Leger Alm

About us

The stories, everyone wants to hear them, what kind of people are we, who are we welcoming to the Leger? How do you mix South Tyrolean and Bavarian culture? What is the history of the old Leger hut? Why are owls so important to us? You can discover this and much more in our alpine pasture.

Our strong points – Petersberger Leger Alm

Our strong points

There are many reasons for visiting us at the Leger. In addition to fantastic views, a warm welcome and lots of entertainment, there are treats for true connoisseurs that make it even more inviting to come back. We are at the complete disposal of families and nature lovers.

We cater for vegetarians, gluten intolerance, dogs and their owners. Anyone who is interested, can look around the house at the many handmade objects and whoever wants to, can give us new ideas by writing them and posting them in the “new ideas” post box.

The kitchen – Petersberger Leger Alm

The kitchen

Today many alpine pastures attract guests for the wonderful views and for particular or special events. For us it is important that the guests find an old traditional feeling of an Alpine hut, so the food that arrives on the table is really tasty, filling and substantial especially after a good walk. Our menu is quite rich, but not exaggerated. The pieces of crispy rye bread, the speck and cheeses and along with delicious dumplings are just some of the specialties.

How to reach us – Petersberger Leger Alm

How to reach us

You can walk, come by car or use public transport, it does not matter as from Pietralba sanctuary it is an easy walk of approximately half an hour. While walking through the woods you can admire the Dolomites.

With 200 meters difference in height it is accessible for older people, young children and parents with strollers. Then once you arrive at the Leger you can marvel at the panoramic views that ranges from the Venosta Alps to the Villandro huts and relax. Our Leger is also a point of departure and connection for different excursions.

1 big event a month ... – Petersberger Leger Alm

1 big event a month ...

… makes the Leger a special experience for every season!

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